Rent a complete Moomin mug collection

Moomin mugs can be found in nearly every home in Finland. And no wonder, since the iconic lifework of Tove Jansson has appeared in Moomin mugs for over 30 years.

The first Moomin mugs were released in 1990. During the past 30+ years 125 different Moomin illustrations have decorated the ever so popular Arabia Teema mug design. There are almost as many different uses for the mugs as there are different designs. Others drink their morning coffee from them whereas others keep their Moomin mugs in a showcase, preserving the original product labels.

Moomin mug collecting has become a widely spread phenomenom. People line up for hours to get their hands on the newest special edition mugs, and the rarest mugs have a price tag of up to 10 000 euros. The popularity of Moomin mugs continues year in year out, and passes from one generation to another. The reason for the continuing popularity can be explained with a growing number of people from all edges of the world having a connection with Moomin either through Tove Jansson’s comic strips, books or animations. The wide range of Moomin mugs enables a low barrier of entry to collecting. Although there are plenty of challenges ahead for those who dare to reach for a complete Moomin mug collection.

Through us you can rent a complete Moomin mug collection to showcase in exhibitions, museums or other events. At the moment our collection can be seen in shopping centre Iso Omena in Espoo, Finland.

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