Looking to sell your Moomin?

Let us make an offer!

We purchase new and used Moomin items starting from a single item all the way to large collections. In addition to Moomin mugs, we are also interested in all other Moomin merchandise. Our experts will give you a free valuation together with a purchase offer. Some of our customers have received as much as 30 000 euros for their Moomin collection. Selling Moomin items to us is easy, fast and reliable. We have thousands of satisfied customers and we are an official Moomin Characters licensee. Here’s how to begin:

1. Take photos of your Moomin items

You don’t need to photograph each item individually. Even a single photo is good enough as long as all items are identifiable. If items with product labels are included, place them so that they can be seen.

2. Send photos

Send the photos via email to info@muumimukitrahaksi.fi, start a conversation via WhatsApp by clicking here or fill the form below. Please let us know your location (country) as well.

3. You will receive an offer

You will receive an offer within 24 hours. Our experts will give you a free valuation together with a purchase offer.

4. Time to make the deal

If you accept our offer, we will send you a link where you can create a shipment for your items. We have partnered up with UPS to offer free shipping worldwide. You can choose to have UPS pick up the package from you or you can drop the package off to your nearest UPS Access Point. The payment will be made via bank transfer once the shipment has arrived.