Our Team

Rasmus / Co-Founder

My tasks vary between answering emails all the way to drawing the bigger picture for the future. My favorite mug is the Rose cartoon, since I have always liked the little details in the illustrations of the 90’s Moomin mugs.

Joonas / Co-Founder

You will most likely run into me on the other end of a phone call. I also clock up a lot of kilometers picking up Moomin collectibles around Finland. My favorite mug is Fillyjonk, because of the successful illustration and great colors.

Ville / Logistics

I’m in charge of everything related to handling orders. I inspect the items, collect them and make sure that they will travel safely. I like Hemulen the most, since I’m collecting orders the way Hemulen collects plants and stamps.

Mahoko / Sales

I’m responsible for all sales and customer service happening outside of our own online store, such as Tradera and eBay. The Hattifatteners mug has a special meaning to me, since it was my very first Moomin mug.

Eemil / Marketing

I spend most of my time abroad, but I help with different tasks whenever its possible. From abroad I’m mostly handling our marketing. Moominvalley Park Japan is my favorite mug, since it has given us a great reason to travel to Japan.

Our Story

It all started from a common interest and love for the Moomin! In 2014 Rasmus and Joonas noticed that there isn’t a vendor who would unite the Moomin enthusiasts and the people who had Moomin collectibles in their home just collecting dust. That’s how it all got started. The goal is to offer Moomin collectibles with affordable prices and a convenient way to for the private seller to sell their collection as a whole.

In 2017 we decided to take the leap to become full time entrepreneurs. Helping to make that change came our third member, Eemil. Later on Joonas’ brother Ville came in to help with logistics. Around the same time our fourth member, huge Moomin fan Mahoko, moved to Finland from Japan to work with us.

Our key values are reliability, honesty and transparency. We like to do business in a way that leaves the customer happy and satisfied. The growing popularity of Moomin mugs has also increased the number of scams that happen in internet auction sites. We eliminate the risk of getting scammed by doing business transparently with our own names and faces. We are also an official Moomin Characters licensee.

In the Finnish auction site Huuto.net and in the Swedish auction site Tradera we have over 1000 positive reviews and we have sold products to every part of Finland and Sweden. We also have a lot of overseas buyers from Norway, Denmark, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom etc. Our Facebook page has over 30 000 likes, but it is mostly in Finnish at least for now. You can find content in English from our Instagram and Tiktok accounts.

Muumimukit Rahaksi Tietoa meistä

In 2017 our business was still very small scale. This photo was taken outside of our old office during a local flea market event.

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