Moomin Mug ABC H, 0,4l (2023-) *LABEL*


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Arabia’s Moomin mug ABC H. The mug is new and the label is attached. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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Moomin mug ABC H is a part of the Arabia Alphabets Moomin mug collection launched in 2022. The main purpose of the Alphabets collection is to encourage us to come up with various letter combinations to create new and meaningful words. The first alphabets to be launched are L, O, V and E mugs that together form the word love. In the future there will be new alphabet mugs launched every year. The collection is a part of the Reading, Writing and the Moomins initiative, spreading the joy of reading and writing in the lives of children, youth, and adults.

The new alphabet mugs bring Tove Jansson’s wonderful alphabet illustrations to Arabia’s Moomin collection for the very first time. The alphabets are based on Jansson’s hand-drawn initials and lettering for the book The Memoirs of Moominpappa and the maps of Moominvalley. Jansson combined each letter with a specific Moomin character. Individually the mugs make great signature items and personal gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. The mugs are 0.4 litres in size, so they are a bit bigger than the “traditional” Moomin mugs. The design is from Kaj Franck’s beloved Teema series.

The illustration on the ABC H Moomin mug shows Sniff as the main character. On the other side of the mug there are several different characters from Moominvalley.

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