Moomin Mug Fazer 180/400 (2004)


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The Holy Grail of the Moomin mugs! The Fazer mug by Arabia. This is the rarest Moomin mug ever made. Arabia launched this mug for the Christmas season in 2004 with a limited series of 400 pieces. This is number 180/400. It was sold only at a Fazer Café in Helsinki. There’s only one production flaw (tiny bump on the glazing, see picture #4). Otherwise the mug is in flawless condition.

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The Fazer Moomin mug is the most rare and the most valuable Moomin mug ever made. The Christmas themed Fazer mugs were ordered from Arabia by Karl Fazer Café in 2004. There were only 400 pieces made. Each mug has the serial number on the bottom stamp. The first 20 mugs were given straight to the Fazer family, so they were never available to the public.

The idea for this mug came when Tove Jansson’s old drawings for a Christmas commercial were found from Fazer’s archives. These same drawings were also used for the Fazer mug’s design.

This mug was only sold in one Fazer Café in Helsinki. None of the mugs had labels on them. The Fazer Moomin mugs were either sold just as is, in a plastic box decorated with a blue Fazer ribbon or wrapped in transparent cellophane which was decorated with a red Fazer ribbon.

Did you know that the Fazer mug was not a sales success at first? In order to increase sales the Fazer Café workers started to wrap the mugs in cellophane and put them into boxes with decorative ribbons. It didn’t take long for Moomin collectors to find out about these mugs, and after they did, the value of them has been increasing steadily for nearly two decades.

Check out the video of The Fazer Moomin Mug from our YouTube channel.

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