Moomin Mug Fillyjonk (2021-)


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Arabia’s Moomin mug Fillyjonk. The mug is in very good condition. No white spots or scratches. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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This Fillyjonk Moomin mug brings a long-awaited new Fillyjonk character mug after the previous Fillyjonk mug was discontinued in 2013. Fillyjonk is known for being easily distressed strict parent who doesn’t want her children to learn any bad habits. Her extreme organizing shows especially in her need to clean constantly.

In the mug’s artwork Fillyjonk is in her element while cleaning her home. In the other side of the mug you can see Fillyjonk’s children giving her a telegram which helps Fillyjonk restore her cleaning enthusiasm. Earlier a psychiatrist had came to Moominvalley to help Fillyjonk with her cleaning complex. The result was that Fillyjonk’s house was starting to deteriorate. Concerned Moominmamma wrote a telegram about a Women’s Committee coming to visit at Fillyjonk’s home.

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