Moomin Mug Office (1996-2002)


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Arabia’s discontinued Moomin mug Office. It has the year stamp 1996 on the bottom, so it’s one of the earliest releases from the 90’s. The mug is in completely flawless condition. No white spots or scratches. The colors are super strong and there’s an exceptional shine on the glazing. Flawless 90’s mugs are a rare sight. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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The Office Moomin Mug was in production from 1996 until 2002. The Office Mug has one of the most eventful designs and is one of the all time favorites among the collectors. Tove Slotte told that she got the inspiration for the design from Tove Jansson’s scissors, that she had drawn into her comic strips.

Check out the video of The Office Mug from our YouTube channel.

All the Moomin Mugs from The 90’s are extremely rare and hard to find. Check out our 90’s Mugs for sale by clicking here!

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