Moomin Mug Snorkmaiden (2013-2019) *LABEL*


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Arabia’s discontinued Moomin Mug Snorkmaiden. The mug is new and the label is attached. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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The Snorkmaiden Pink Moomin Mug was published in 2013 to replace the yellow Snorkmaiden mug, which was taken out of production the year before. The pink version of the mug was removed from production in 2019 and this time it was replaced by a purple Snorkmaiden mug.

The Snorkmaiden Pink Moomin Plate was released at the same time as the Snorkmaiden Pink mug. Arabia launched Moomin plates simultaneously with the single character mugs until 2007. Between years 2009 and 2013 Arabia only had low edged plates in its selection, each presenting a multiple of different main Moomin characters. In 2013, Arabia also launched The Snorkmaiden Pink Moomin Mug themed Moomin plate, which this time only had the artwork on one side.

Check out the video of The Snorkmaiden Pink Moomin Mug from our YouTube channel.

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