Moomin Mug Fishing (2022)


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Arabia’s discontinued Moomin mug Fishing. The mug is in very good condition. No white spots or scratches. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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The 2022 Summer seasonal Moomin mug Fishing continues the same theme with the 2019 Summer seasonal Moomin mug Evening Swim and the 2021 Summer seasonal Moomin mug Together. On all three Moomin mugs the Moomins enjoy their Summer day on the beach. Moomin mug Fishing shows the Moomins enjoying one of their favorite activities, fishing.

The mug’s special collage illustrations are based on three different comic strip stories by Tove and Lars Jansson: Moomin and the Sea (1957), Moomin and the Golden Tail (1958) and Moomin under Sail (1959). Fishing is one of Moomins favorite activities. On the Fishing Moomin mug the Moomins enjoy fishing in various ways: nets, rods and spinning reels. Especially Snufkin, who lives by the river, is well known for his fishing skills. He likes to eat the fish he catches after cooking them over a fire. The illustration also shows Moomin family sailing to a lighthouse island where Moominpappa even acts as a lighthouse keeper for a while. After a stormy night, Too-Ticky finds that the waves have washed fish into every little crack on the island. The Arabia Fishing set includes a mug and a plate.

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