Moomin Mug Dive with Seashells (2006)


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Arabia Moomin mug Dive with seashells. Arabia made only a few pieces of this mug, before they decided to change the design to what is now known as Moomin mug Dive. The few that were manufactured were given to Arabia employees. This specific mug is in mint condition. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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The Dive Moomin mug was the mug that started the extremely popular Summer seasonal mugs series. First six Summer seasonal mugs are also known as stripe mugs, since all of those mugs have stripes in them. Dive mugs with a sticker are hard to find and more rare than other Summer season mugs with stickers.

Check out the video of The Dive Moomin Mug from our YouTube channel.

Even more rare version of The Dive Moomin mug is The Dive Moomin mug with seashells, which was a test version of the Dive mug, which eventually made it into production. Abandoning seashell-design was a last minute decision. However Arabia had already manufactured some Dive mugs with seashells and those were given out to employees. Around 10 Dive Moomin mugs with seashells were handed out.

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